I Need A Miracle

The basics

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I'm trying to get my site setup so I may run adsense on it. While the technical side takes nothing for me I am again told I lack enough content. So I continue to have a problem withcreating content but this is going to allow me to just talk and dictate. WOW, OK so the name of this program is Microsoft speech and I've activated by hitting the windows key and H and now it's going to dictate into any field that is a text field as long as I continue to talk. Apparently it's not gonna handle grammar or anything like thatspell check please or that some part of the application i'll just make it unusual.

I have absolutely no idea how to fill space on this page. So I'm basically going to talk more.Type, I'm not sure how this is going to work. I used to use Dragon Natural Speaking but they are super expensive, but I was looking for a free way. And what do you know Microsoft provided one as part of their accessibility options, they didn't make it well known, but it's there.

“Miracle” seems light-hearted and self-aware—the character singing the song (and I do think it’s a character singing, not the persona of Weir, or of Barlow…) seems to be making fun of himself. “I need a woman ’bout twice my weight…a ton of fun who packs a gun with all her other freight.” I mean—what? And “It takes dynamite to get me up….too much of everything is just enough.” A nice turn of phrase. The miraculous is synonymous with the excessive, the transcendent with the hyperbolic and overblown. But, despite the sense of the lyrics on the face of it, what “Miracle” did was to put something into Grateful Dead culture, just by way of introducing the word: miracle. I wonder who the first Deadhead was who thought of making a sign saying “I need a miracle,” and putting a finger in the air outside a show, asking for a ticket. But it soon became commonplace, and “miracle” became code for a last-minute, sometimes free ticket. I had the pleasure of giving out a miracle ticket a few times, and I have also received them, and it does feel miraculous, from both ends—giving and receiving. Beyond that, though, and bigger, is how the word “miracle,” in common use, gave us a way of thinking (and sometimes talking) about what went on onstage. Being open to something miraculous occurring in performance had always been a part of the Dead’s playing. The X Factor, as it was sometimes called, was present when the music was playing the band. The idea of “needing a miracle every day” seems at first borderline ridiculous, but over time, maybe it seems less so, and even something to be expected. Certainly, from my own experience, the Dead delivered a miracle more often than not. And I became more open to finding the miraculous in daily life. --David Dodd

The lyrics

I need a woman 'bout twice my age
A lady of nobility, gentility and rage
Splendor in the dark, lightning on the draw
We'll go right through the book and break each and every law

I got a feeling and it won't go away, oh no
Just one thing then I'll be OK
I need a miracle every day

I need a woman 'bout twice my height
Statuesque, raven-dressed, a goddess of the night
Her secret incantations, a candle burning blue
We'll consult the spirits maybe they'll know what to do

And it's real and it won't go away, oh no
I can't get around and I can't run away
I need a miracle every day

I need a woman 'bout twice my weight
A ton of fun who packs a gun with all her freight
Find her in a sideshow leave her in L.A
Ride her like a surfer riding on a tidal wave

And it's real, believe what I say, yeah
Just one thing I got to say
I need a miracle every day

It takes dynamite to get me up
Too much of everything is just enough
One more thing I just got to say
I need a miracle every day
I need a miracle every day
I need a miracle every day (got to be the only way)
I need a miracle

The ask

I have had this domain for 25 years now and someone suggested I setup a way to accept donations. I'd like to make it more a hub to give/find tickets but I haven't got that sorted yet.
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